"If you're in the area, be
sure and stop by. If you
are interested in some of
our pottery but can't make
it over, just contact me. If I
don't have on hand what
you are looking for, I can
customize to fit your

Thanks, Newt.


Map & Directions
Osage Clayworks
Located in downtown Osage, Arkansas - Osage Clayworks is in
the heart of the Ozark Mountains, close to Eureka Springs, AR
and the famous Branson, Missouri. You won't want to miss it if
you are in the area.

Newt Lale has been a potter for almost 30 years. Each piece of
pottery is handmade and unique with it's own style. We have
different designs and color themes to choose from.

Our pottery is handmade and fired right here in the store. We use
good quality clay to ensure that our pottery is sturdy and durable.

Osage Clayworks

Ponca and Nearby Destinations:

Note that the times and distances listed in italics after the GPS coordinates are from the Osage Clayworks.
Ponca Elk Education Center (in Ponca)  (870) 861-2432   
GPS:  36.02215, -93.36141  (16.8 miles, 23 mins
AGFC elk education center, nationally recognized facility
Open daily 10 - 4:30 PM, Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Boxley Valley Elk Herd (Highway 43 & 21)        Web
GPS:  35.97717, -93.40219  (21.4 miles, 30 mins)

Home of Arkansas' famous elk herd, arguably the most viewable in the southern US. Mornings and evenings, fall rut exceptional.
Lost Valley Hiking Trail  (3 miles south of Ponca on 43)   
GPS:  36.00297, -93.37295  (18.6 miles, 26 mins)

NPS  The most popular hiking trail in the upper Buffalo River area. Barrier free stretch, suitable for families. Eden Falls, native american shelter, waterfall in cave, outstanding spring wildflowers.
Smith Creek Preserve (3 mi. south of Church on 21)  Web
GPS:  35.93548, -93.38612  (25 miles, 34 mins
Nature Conservency, hiking trail 500 ft. descent in 1 mile. Two track road, hiking trail, very scenic spring fed creek with outstanding spring wildflower show. Popular with photographers.  Remote.
Hawksbill Craig  (6 miles up Cave Mtn. road)   
GPS:  35.88816, -93.4698  (29.8 miles, 61 mins)

Popular 3 mile round trip with 200 ft elevation change. Most photographed Arkansas Landmark. Trail can be rough, a few seasonal creeks.
Centerpoint Trailhead (5 miles north of Ponca on 43)      
GPS:  36.09222, -93.334693    (14.6 miles, 21 mins)

This trailhead is popular with hikers and horsemen. It is one of two ways to famous Hemmed In Hollow, the dangerous Goat Trail, Sneeds Creek Trail, and Granny Henderson's cabin. Big elevation changes, not for out of shape hikers. 1,000 ft descent. For most, this is an all day hike requiring frequent rest stops.

Nearby Towns:

Jasper  (16 mles from Ponca on Hwy 74)  20 minutes
GPS:  36.00835, -93.18635  (31.3 miles, 44 mins)

Quaint village of 500, offering places to eat including the Boardwalk Cafe, and the Cliff House Inn (6 miles south on Highway 7). A few shops to visit featuring local artists and offering local curiosities.
Harrison  (26 miles north of Ponca on 43)   35-45 minutes
GPS:  36.23026, -93.10802  (24.6 miles, 32 mins)

Harrison is a small town of 12,000 that offers many services not available at Ponca or Jasper. Most businesses are north of the square, 40 minutes or more away from Ponca. For emergency car repairs it would be the closest destination.

Day Trips:

Branson, MO (56 miles north of Ponca, 70 mins)
GPS:  36.64465, -93.22709  (45.2 miles,  53 mins)

Nationally famous entertainment destination on par with Nashville, TN. A popular day trip with local visitors to see national acts, and old time country entertainment.
Eureka Springs, AR (50 miles west of Ponca, about 1 hour)
GPS:  36.39489, -93.74231  (34.9 miles, 43 mins)

This is Arkansas' Victorian Village, built on a mountain with multiple springs and gardens city-wide. A must-see small town with too many attractions to mention. An outstanding day trip to a town with many art galleries, unique shops, other attractions.

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The destinations below are linked to directions maps, and expanded explantions of the destinations themselves. The travel times and distances listed below are from Osage Clayworks. To create a map and directions from the cabin to the destination, copy and paste the GPS coordinates 36.182340,-93.409877 into the empty box on the mapping page and click on "get directions".
Phone:  870-513-2313
Website:  http://www.osageclayworks.com/
Email:  bahai@eritter.net
GPS: 36.182340,-93.409877  Map & Directions
Historic Stamps Store, Home of Osage Clayworks
Located in the Historic Stamps General Store in Osage, AR
Examples of Osage Clayworks Pottery
Examples of Osage Clayworks Pottery
Examples of Osage Clayworks Pottery
Examples of Osage Clayworks Pottery
Examples of Osage Clayworks Pottery
Examples of Osage Clayworks Pottery
Examples of Osage Clayworks Pottery

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