Buffalo National River Level
Harriet, AR

The gauge below is updated continuously. Courtesy of USGS. 

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Buffalo National River Area Upriver to Downriver or West to East


River Levels and Corresponding Floating Conditions (courtesy of NPS)

River Access Points & 
(River Gauge)
Very Low Low but Floatable Ample Water for Floating Experienced Floaters Only Flood Stage, River Closed
Ponca/Steel Creek Launches
(Ponca Gauge)
Below 2.0" 2.0' to 2.4' 2.5' to 4.9' 5.0' to 6.0' Over 6.0'
Highway 7 Bridge/Pruitt
(Pruitt Gauge)
Below 4.4' 4.4' to 4.7' 4.8' to 6.6' 6.7' to 8.0' Over 8.0'
Grinder's Ferry/Tyler Bend
(St. Joe Gauge)
Below 3.6' 3.6' to 4.5' 4.6' to 8.5' 8.6' to 12.5' Over 12.5'
Dillard's Farry/Buffalo Point
(Harriet Gauge)
Below 2.0' 2.0' to 3.4' 3.5' to 5.9' 6.0' to 10.0' Over 10.0'
This gauge covers the river levels from Dillards Ferry to Buffalo City. This is the Lower River Area. It traverses the Lower Bufffalo River Wilderness, and the Leatherwood Wilderness (NFS).

Without question this is the finest fishing area of the Buffalo National River. The river is deeper and as it nears its confluence with the White River, fishing improves steadily. Trout are caught quite often from Rush Landing to the confluence.

Like the middle river area, the river is wide and relatively placid. There are many pullouts along the way to explore feeder creeks and other natural attractions.
Gravel Bar Camping on the Buffalo
River Maps For The Lower River Area