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GPS:  35.98111, -93.04492 
20,000 acre AGFC Wildlife Management Area along the Buffalo National River. It has elk, bear, deer, and turkey. Bordered by the Ozark National Forest on the south. A popular hunting area. It offers only primitive camping. Elk conservation area, crossed by Ozark Hightlands Trail.

Sam's Throne

GPS:  35.87578, -93.04298
Named after preacher Sam Davis who shouted sermons from the peak. This very scenic area is popular with photographers and rock climbers. It is a climbing destination offering challenges for every level of climber. Noted for legendary fall color displays. NFS site.
Whitetail Doe Crossing the Buffalo in Fall
Bluffside Pine at Sam's Throne

Buffalo River Attraction Guide #3

Middle Buffalo River Area
Gilbert & Highway 65  Area

Hiking the Buffalo National River Trails

Grinders Ferry

  Directions   Gilbert & Grinders Ferry Map
GPS: 35.98419, -92.74501
Grinders Ferry is an oustanding swimming hole, and in the middle of a popular area for fishermen. It has parking and toilets. It is on the southeast side of the Buffalo River where it is crossed by Highway 65. It is well marked and easy to see from the bridge. It is between Gilbert and Marshall near Tyler Bend.
Fishermen at Grinders Ferry

Middle River Hiking Trails at Tyler Bend

Tyler Bend Hiking Trail Map
GPS: 35.98419,-92.74501
The link above is to a brochure for 7 hiking trails near the Tyler Bend Visitor Center (5), Wollum (1), and Gilbert (1).. Visitors will want to at least check out the trails near the visitor center and the olld Gilbert Railroad Trail in Gilbert. The Tyler Bend Visitor Center itself is an oustanding facility with exhiibits, a small store,  ranger programs, and films.
Hikers Crossing the Buffalo River